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Penycaeau Farm - Zwartbles


Our Zwartbles flock

Retirement announcement

This year is our last year breeding Zwartbles (ZSA 00801).  We have loved the experience, they are a wonderful breed of sheep, but the time has come to take life a little easier so Brian is going to concentrate on showing his beloved Clun Forest sheep in his semi-retirement. We wish all purchasers of Ridgeway Zwartbles sheep as much pleasure from them as we have enjoyed.

Zwartbles sheep are beautiful and elegant, with their striking black fleece and white markings. The breed characteristics are:

  • Easy lambing
  • Prolific and milky ewes, often producing twins and also able to successfully raise triplets
  • Excellent mothers
  • Fast growing
  • Naturally tame
  • Producing a lean and sweet carcass
  • The ideal smallholder's sheep

Our flock was founded on prizewinning ewes and ewe lambs and a 'Brace' stock ram.  We breed all our own replacement ewes, but introduce new blood lines via replacement rams when necessary.

Penycaeau Farm - Zwartbles


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