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Penycaeau Farm - Lincoln Longwools

Lincoln Longwool

Our Lincoln Longwools

Penycaeau Farm - Lincoln LongwoolThe Lincoln Longwool is the largest of the native sheep breeds, originating in the eastern counties. It is famed for its heavy, lustrous fleece upon which fortunes were made in centuries gone by, but now Lincolns are a rare breed.

Our 'Pen Y Caeau' Lincoln Longwool flock was founded in 2014 with the aim of breeding Lincolns with exceptional fleece for hand spinning. We have introduced New Zealand bloodlines to improve the fineness and lustre with excellent results.

We shear the sheep twice a year so the resulting staple length is 10-12 cms, which is an ideal length for hand processing for spinning. Twice yearly shearing also means that the fleece does not suffer damage at the tips in our wet winter weather.

If you would like to try spinning our Lincoln Longwool fleece it is available from the All In A Spin shop. We also occasionally have Lincoln Longwool ewes or rams for sale.

The Lincoln Longwool Sheep Breeders Association is the place to find out more about this historic, rare breed.